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is now in orbit around the earth. thank you very much for joining us. we begin with what has been a minute of silence here at the for theers at rfi journalists who worked at our sister radio station in molly covering a station when the country's troubled north when they were kidnapped on sunday. you are looking at colleagues leading tributes to the journalists killed in molly. the bodies were found later on and that day on the outskirts of the city. this is the scene them the headquarters. the group ceo has been leading the tribute to our colleague. you are looking at pictures on our screens of our two colleagues killed in molly on saturday. i am joined here in the studio by our international offense editor, douglas her bets. extremely emotionally charged scenes earlier on today. here still in a state of shock. always a tragedy when a journalist is killed in the line of duty, trying to inform. this hits home especially hard. it is in-house. the name of our parent company includes radio france internationale. in a sense, we are one big family. we all work together now and headquart
on aid to egypt by the u.s. kidnapped inst is northern cameroon. we will begin with that developing story. a french priest has been kidnapped from his cherished parish not far from the border of northern nigeria. what more do we know about the circumstances surrounding the priest's disappearance? beene kidnapping has confirmed. the minister said this happened in northern cameroon, a region classified as red because of the kidnappings in the village ofkoza. koza. the priest was in his parish when kidnappers went in and took him away from his home. so far, we have not heard any claim of responsibility or this. >> this is an area where an alarmist -- islamic group is known to operate. what is the likelihood they might be behind this abduction? france is saying they would not be surprised at all. the group kidnapped several groups -- several members of a french family earlier this year and released members of the family two months later. other factors also point to them. they are not putting it more strongly than that for now. the kidnappers spoke english, which is the lingua franca in ,eighb
on a trip to the u.s.. nouri al-maliki said he wanted to say a third world war launched to stop al qaeda attacks. and it is as long as six football fields and it is fitted with electric lighting and even a train. u.s. authorities have discovered a drug super tunnel under the border with mexico. thanks for watching -- you are watching "france 24." anonymous u.s. officials and syrian rebel forces confirmed report israel bombed a syrian military base. it is said to be near this city -- port city, targeting missiles israel believes could be transferred to the militant group hezbollah. that's get more on the straightaway from jerusalem with our middle east correspondent. this has not been conformed -- confirmed by israeli authorities. what do we know so far? >> no, it has not been confirmed. it pretty much means the suppose it source of fire, israel, is not conforming -- confirming nor denying the reports. we know very little and we know what from sources speaking anonymously because of the sensitivity of the issue at hand, and that is notably an obama administration official confirming that
community is rushing to get emergency aid to the philippines. the u.s. just launched an appeal , 300 $1 million more is needed in donations. hitting back, the iranian foreign minister, saying they were not to blame for their talks in geneva. thank you for joining us, this is the international news here. $300 million in donations have been called for to help the philippines. chaos is scale of the becoming clearer. millions have been affected. they fear the 10,000 people have died in the city alone. for the injured and the elderly, it was the only way to survive, getting out. >> staying is not an option. four days after the typhoon hit the city, hundreds of survivors hoped to get, as the crowd grows. this is nothing new. we need shelter. people camping0 outside the airport surged onto the tarmac. only a small group eventually made it on board. with thousands now homeless and desperate, few could rely on this to survive. >> what do they want us to do? push each other in line for hours? no way. >> the international community has pledged to free up millions of dollars. with 70% of all infras
on the cartridges found at the sites. we had the same dma which allowed us to be certain that the dna which appeared in three different locations was the dna of the perpetrator of these acts. already known to the authorities. he had previously been jailed for his role in the notorious 1994 killing spree, providing a weapon that was used by young couples to kill three policemen and a taxi driver. dekhar has now been placed in medical custody while investigators wait for him to improve enough for questioning. not long ago the paris prosecutor give a press conference with more information on just how the police tracked down the shooter. let's get an explanation. coming aboutls about how police tracked down the man. they said the decisive turning point was this witness who came forward who recognized abdelhakim dekhar from the photo , the images which have been broadcast in a public appeal for information. they said this man had been a friend of the suspect, a friend of long date. they had known each other 13 years and met in london. they had seen each other several times since. in fact, abdelhakim dekh
. thanks for joining us here on "france 24." a new round of talks on iran's nuclear rogen gets underway in geneva. the air rainy and foreign minister was optimistic, saying there is every possibility for success. weighedupreme leader in, say he wants friendly time with all entries including the united states, but he insists iran will not give up its nuclear rights. another sticking point is israel. regiment then ya who is meeting vladimir putin in russia today to try to get roscoe -- -- to try to get russia on its side. skeptical prime minister benjamin netanyahu meeting with vladimir putin, diplomacysway russian to side with israel. it will be a complicated tax cut -- a complicated task, much more last 48ted -- in the hours israel gave russia if russia gives them guarantees that -- is israeli prime minister hoping to convince russian president vitamin put in that he should adopt a similar stance -- vladimir putin that he should adopt a similar stance. remember that russia is the country which built the first and haspower plants shown less suspension over -- suspicion over a rant. they
will meet u.s. and russian officials in geneva. the meeting is to prepare the way for a full syria peace conference later in november. diplomats have run into repeated road spots over the conference. world powers strongly disagreed on how a future syrian government would look like. on the line is our correspondent -- i am afraid we don't have him. we will try to get him a little later in the program. minister zarif return to a historic -- a euphoric welcome after returning sunday. it will curb iran's weekly activities in return for much needed sanction relief. crowds gathered at the airport bringing flowers and waving flags. many seeing a deal as a huge triumph for iran. french foreign minister laurent fabius had this to say. it is clear, regarding nuclear energy. we always said that as an advance. but for nuclear weapons -- the president said before and i said exactly within these lines, we see in improvement in the situation for the region and the world. ok, well, we can return to our story about the meeting in brahimi.h lakhdar john is on the line for us. what is the objective? >> the
including belonging to a terrorist group and using force at a protest last month. police bealt and terrorized female activists in a crackdown linked to a tough new anti-protest law. >> they expected to get a month, instead they got years behind bars. 21 female muslim brotherhood supporters, some as young as 15 the latest example of egyptian government crackdown on protest or thes. the youngest will serve until they turn 18. the next will spend the next 11 years in prison. the group were arrested in ctober for a protest of morsi. the sentences come on the heels of a new law requiring public gathering to be approved by government authorities. it's not justice lamb supporters, on wednesday hundreds of secular activists demonstrated in cairo. a day earlier security forces detained a dozen women dropping them in the desert in the middle of the night. people olice arrest protesting peacefully and then detained them and then to throw them on the highway or the desert is really inhuman. >> it's an intimidation tactic seen before. activists claim the government's new crackdown is strict
nuclear program is for peaceful civilian use. --iching you really enriching uranium to 20%. he is a short step to making a nuclear weapon. geneva, to our correspondent with john. there has been so much secrecy surrounding the meetings today. what have you found out so far? >> the readout from the said that the meeting was a good opening session. that is a very good sign. the meeting lasted for 45 , and lady ashton met with the foreign minister this morning and is meeting with him again this afternoon. bethe afternoon, there will technical sessions and also bilateral meetings between the various participants. so there is a lot of action. momentum in these talks to get to an interim deal, where the iranians would freeze some of their programs. to freeze their enrichment program and in exchange the west would give some sanctions relief for a six-month period which would be verified by external partners such as the international atomic energy agency. that is the format, but we have to see what goes on with these negotiations. they are dynamic but there are expectations that any initial packag
>> u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in the middle east to kick off peace top -- talked to earlier he met with israeli .rime minister netanyahu in northern china, one person has been killed and 8 injured in a series of small explosions. security is on alert following an squareent in tianenm last week. service shut down across greece as more anti-austerity protesters take to the street. hello, you are watching "france " live from paris. i'm karen roberts. u.s. secretary of state has been meeting with israeli and palestinian -- palestinian leaders. in july,ng launched the negotiations quickly ran into trouble with no visible signs of progress. kerry is meeting palestinian abbas and bettelheim after an earlier meeting with israeli prime minister netanyahu. picture of a grim peace talks, benjamin netanyahu sounded less than optimistic, pointing the finger at the palestinians. >> israel wants peace with the palestinians. i am concerned about their rye grass because i see the palestinians continue with incitement, continuing to create artificial crises, continue to avoid and r
correspondent sent us this report from just south of tacloban. we are 50 kilometers south of tacloban where there is a scene of complete devastation. we have come here today and all along the way we have seen thousands marching along the road looking to get out, looking for food, medicine, anything. at the moment, the u.s. air force is at the airport, but around us is devastation. moment, -- at the moment, they are just begging for someone to help them. half a dozen countries are delivering badly needed aid to the philippines. the international relief efforts trying to get to where they need to go. >> a broken pipe is the only source of water in this neighborhood of tacloban. the water looks fresh and clean but a typhoon survivors cannot be sure if it is drinkable. it is very difficult because we are getting our water from an underground pipe. we do not know if it is safe. we need to boil it, but at least we have something. >> water is a priority from the humanitarian teams that have begun arriving in the philippines. among the first to emerge were belgian aid workers, their cargo including
is at the courthouse in cairo. she gives us more details on what happened there this morning. mohamed morsi has refused to recognize the judge at the trial. he says it does not have any legitimacy. he has been taken away by helicopter. we saw him fly overhead and he is being taking to a prison on the outscored to bash on the outskirts of cairo. no one knew where he was being held. this is where the senior muslim brotherhood leaders are being detained. this a chaotic scene morning. mohamed morsi told a judge, "you don't have the right to judge me, i am still your president." he also said the judiciary should not provide cover for the coup d'État. media, heto state said he had been dragged to the court by force and called on the judges to allow him to exercise his powers as president. defendants4 other charged alongside him and were alongside him indicates this morning. there was a delay in the start of the proceedings this morning, and that is become mohamed morsi was refusing to wear the white suit that prisoners have to wear while they are in court. the reason this has been adjourned is so that moham
>> one of the worst typhoons on record has hit the philippines. four people have died. the u.s. secretary of state is joining the geneva talks over the iranian nuclear program. and france's credit rating has been downgraded one notch to aa, dealing a further blow to president hollande's government. swiss scientists have released results that they claim reasonably support the theory that yasser arafat was poisoned to death. he died in 2004 in a paris military hospital a month after falling violently ill. found unusually high levels of polonium and led. lead. now investigators say israel is the one and only suspect in his death. >> as the head of this committee, i arrived at the conclusion that yasser arafat was killed based on the statements that they gave. we gathered all the statements when they thought the microphone was off. they said that yasser arafat must be disappeared. he must be killed. and this proves that israel is to blame for his martyrdom. for more on this, let's cross over to our correspondent in jerusalem. there, at thec palestinian presidential palace. they mad
terrorist group. thanks for joining us. those are our headlines. you're watching "france 24." it's seven days since the typhoon left. it swayed death and destruction on the european the arrival of the u.s. navy is at the forefront of international aid efforts to finally start bringing relief to the most stricken areas. japan, australia and great britain contributing military vessels, aircraft and funds. and for more on this, we spoke with the emergency communications manager for doctors without borders in the area. he explained how that international aid is being filled. >> the international aid has arrived. they haven't really started to work. most of the relief that we provided so far has been done by the -- and they've been doing a fantastic job. everybody is helping out each other and a lot of work has been done already. need shelter, water supply and all emergency has arrived and they're trying to settle in and trying to organize which is very difficult with this situation. >> that comes at the scale of the disaster grows ever more apparent. the u.n. and the authority necessary wors
, which said that private firms from britain, israel, germany, the u.s., and france are selling spy tools to developing countries in africa, asia, and the middle east. basically, systems that let the government snoop on millions of e-mails, text messages, and phone calls. sounds a lot like the nsa. they also sell other spy tools, or hiddenders cameras, james bond kind of stuff. the companies say they are selling this technology to help governments fight against terrorism and crime, but the article points out that human rights groups say they are dissidents.could be >> the senate in uruguay expected to pass the world's most far-reaching drug legalization this week. >> that is right. this is the marijuana regulation bill. it has already been passed in the lower house of parliament in uruguay. it will legalize the purchase, growth, consumption of cannabis under certain circumstances. if you want to know more, you can read the local papal -- paper in uruguay. the state is hoping to use this legalization to fight against what it calls the war on drugs. not only to fight against track -- traffi
of john fitzgerald kennedy. the violent death of the youngest u.s. president leaves a violent scar for the nation. you are watching "france 24." we start with news from molly. shot a french officer. it comes on the eve of elections. most rebellion -- the islamist rebellion led to the french intervention. we are in the capital for the elections. what is the latest? >> according to officials, it was an ambush. house, and he his shot him in the head and shoulder. different sources say different things. one source says the frenchman was able to capture him. it is tough to say if it was a political act, a frenchman targeted, or simply a private argument. in what is the atmosphere like? >> it has been a lackluster campaign this week. we have been through several meetings with people not really enthralled following the presidential election this summer. on the security front, there are very few checkpoints, especially year, as theret were earlier this year following the french intervention against the jihadist in the north. on sunday, 6 million voters will be called to come and
hungry. >> u.s. helicopters hover over san jose. and homesed streets barely resemble a talent. a helicopter touches down on the beach. they rushed for the badly needed aid. the civil airport has become an air traffic hub. aid planes land and then take off again heading to the islands and provinces. logistics are extremely complicated. >> the amount of cargo that arrived today was so big we could not take it in. in, the job of burying the dead continues in the hills. mass graves have been dug. for hygiene regions -- r easons, it is important burials take place as soon as possible. >> the trial of those accused of murdering a man in london is underway. they say they did not kill lee rigby in may. resulted in attended firebombings of mosques. anti-immigration protests are being held outside the courthouse today. "the goldenf notebook" has died. winning author died peacefully in her sleep early sunday aged 94. we take a look back. she famously found out she had won the nobel prize from journalists on her doorstep. >> you have won the nobel prize for literature. tackling race, gend
as desperate. you are watching "france 24." us.ks for joining in ukraine, jailed opposition leader yuliya tymoshenko has gone on a hunger strike lending her way to the protests of the tens of thousands who wore -- marched through tm sunday, the country's biggest rally in nearly 10 years. and they are continuing to protest. the anger comes after the government pulled out of a landmark trade deal with the european union. >> protesters turn out again on the streets of key yahoo!, determined to make their voices heard. ordinary ukrainians are urging to govich's government back of the decision to scrap the european trade agreement. >> we are here for our future because we are not satisfied with the life we have now. we don't see any improvement in the future. at is why we are for european integration. >> the more people will gather here, the better the chance to victory because authorities are afraid of the people. >> riot police push back protesters who had also clashed with them earlier in the day when they try to march on the prime minister's building. the menstruation to the west of the co
for joining us. those are the headlines. you are watching "france 24." we start in thailand where antigovernment protesters have seized this friday and another symbol of the state. a crowd 1000 strong taking control of the national army headquarters while others surrounded the party headquarters of prime minister jim gluck shinawatra, anger directed at the prime minister accused of being a puppet of former premier exiled brother oxon shinawatra -- sachsen shinawatra. than 1000 antigovernment protesters forced their way into the headquarters of the thai army, forces goodbye. reminisce "shinawatra rolled out using violence. atmosphere,ely calm climbed fences and forced open a gate. chanting, we know which side the demandedn, protesters once again the prime minister's departure. in another part of bangkok, others marched toward the headquarters of the ruling party. i came here today to show i did not agree with the government's behavior. they are the cause of all the country's problems. >> we need to keep fighting because we do not like thaksin's system of government, taking advantag
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